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  • Inspired by the German art movement called Bauhaus, usage of simple patterns and colours to achieve a high impact design that gives a “Wow” factor to the space. You can fill up empty walls with a simple painted graphical design that is cost efficient and breathe life and colours to the interior Could be used as a feature wall design to act as a focal point to the room. This simple design gives shape to an otherwise squarish interior, giving it depth and visual interest.
  • This design could also translate out of the 2d realm by incorporating it into the shapes of furniture and wall. Gone are the days where designs are kept in mundane linear shapes, now your furniture can have more organic shapes with edges that curved instead of sharp to create a more young and fun environment.
  • You can also apply the concept to arch way and ceiling. Arch way does not always have to be rectangle and ceiling does not always have to be flat. A curved shape archway and ceiling creates a better visual flow throughout the interior. It is a simple way to make a boring space look interesting,